Seduced By Alcohol

We all remember our first love or first crush, even though it may be many years ago, it created within us such strong emotions that they will be embedded into our memory store forever. We may not think about the person every day or we may only have a rare thought that takes us back … Continue reading Seduced By Alcohol

Why Hope is not Enough

On a recent holiday on the beautiful sunshine island of Lanzarote, I noticed that all the little houses had names, e.g., Paradise; Enchanted; Casina etc and one day I discovered a little house tucked in a corner with a beautiful garden full of Bougainvillea in every shade of red, that covered the garden and flowed … Continue reading Why Hope is not Enough

Who do you want to be?

Happy New Year and welcome to the start of 2022.  It’s an exciting time when your mind thinks about all the changes you will make to do things differently this year.  Have you made your New Year resolutions?  This year you are determined to lose weight; Cut down the alcohol; Stop spending and start saving; … Continue reading Who do you want to be?


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I write about addiction and mindfulness. Often, I like to combine both and hope that in some way what I write will resonate with anyone who needs a little guidance and support in this crazy world we are all living in together.

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