Freedom From Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is everywhere in society today, whether it is cannabis, cocaine, heroin or Amphetamines it has become as socially acceptable as alcohol.

Whatever your drug of choice there is no mystery as to why people become addicted – they are miserable! They are failing to get their basic human needs met, it was the reason humans started to use alcohol and it is the reason they are using drugs.

If you are currently stuck in a cycle of addiction, wanting to stop, trying and failing then you are not alone, so how do we get out of the drug addiction trap.

Using hypnosis gives you the key to unlocking the door that has kept you trapped.

The first step in stopping is reaching the enough is enough moment. It is being 100% committed to changing your life. So, start by asking yourself if you are ready to put drugs, where they belong, in your past. Are you ready to make drugs part of your history? Are you ready to move forward with a new life where you neither want nor need drugs to give you a fulfilling life?

So here is the question. Answer as honestly as you can. On a scale of 1 – 10, how much do you want to stop where 10 is as ready as you will ever be. If you score below 10 there is something still holding you back. The pain of using has not become greater than the pain of withdrawal before you rediscover your life again.

Addiction is not complicated but it can seem that way, because we don’t understand what is happening inside our minds. We want to stop, we try to stop, but no matter how hard we try, and how much effort we put in, we just cannot get free from the drugs trap.

Addiction starts as a pleasurable habit until it gets to the stage where we endanger our health, life, relationships and bank balance. A user starts to narrow down their focus of attention bit by bit unitl their sole focus of attention is feeding their drug habit.

When we are stressed and anxious, when our life is not following the route we dreamed of as a child, then humans will search for something to ease the pain of unfulfilled needs. Using drugs helps us to forget about our troubles for a while. What starts as a pleasurable habit, turns into a prison cell from which we can see no escape.

Using any drug whether alcohol, cannabis, cocaine or heroin starts as a way of coping with life. It becomes a habit and habits are controlled by the subconscious. The habit becomes wired in and as with all our habits, healthy or otherwise we feel the compulsion to act out our habit in response to an external trigger for example the time of day; the friends we are with; the feelings we have including boredom, stress, anger, anxiety.

Basically, if we have a bad feeling we want to change it as quickly as possible for a good feeling and that is exactly what your drug of choice will do – until it doesn’t!

We have a choice, we can keep using our drug to create a short-term pseudo satisfaction or we can get help and get our life sorted out.


Cocaine is a white powder that is snorted and creates a eutrophic rush that typically lasts around 30 minutes. It also produces wakefulness that can last for hours


  • Exhaustion
  • Weight loss
  • Damage to nasal passageways
  • Severe chest pains
  • Really bad low after the high which can lead to users taken more to overcome the side effects
  • Taken more and more over time as more is needed to achieve the same high
  • Sleep deprevation
  • Depression
  • Irritablity
  • Debt due the high cost of cocaine


Cannabis is dried leaves that are usually smoked. It can bring on feelings of relaxation and makes the user more sociable.


  • Depression
  • Increased risk of developing schizophrenia
  • Paranoia
  • Memory loss
  • Apathy – losing interest in career and social life
  • Cancers
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Increase appetite


Heroin is an opiate from the poppy plant. It comes in the form of a white powder that users either smoke or inject. It can cause euphoria and helps users to feel detached from worries and problmes.


  • Slow heart rate (the cause of death after an overdose)
  • Constipation
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Ejaculation problems
  • Sterility
  • Menstural disturbances
  • Lowered immune system
  • Skin irritations
  • Amnesia
  • Long term use can cause teeth and hair to fall out
  • Risk of other diseases from sharing needles (hepatitis and HIV)
  • Can cause the user to become aggressive
  • You are unable to feel pain or pain from from an injury.

“I had been addicted to cocaine for over 8 years when I came for my first session. I tried so many times on my own to stop and failed. I was sure I would need the full 5 sessions before I was free, but after one session I was free. I turned my life around and have never looked back.”


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